June 24, 2013

Lifestyle Center Repair Update

Mount Akagi Lifestyle Center

The DeckThe Project
One of our greatest desires has been to see the health center remodeled and repaired. That has finally gotten started.

The Deck
The deck was in serious trouble. The wood was rotted and completely unsafe. This was especially true for the side deck and the balcony for the second floor. So much so that some parts had been removed so that no one would get hurt.

On the front of the building, the planks had been removed and replaced with plastic treads. However, the stairs were still shaky. The old posts were still being used, buts someone had strapped 2X4’s to them with wire.

The Deck Made NewThe Deck Made New
Quite a bit of effort was expended in dismantling the deck, but then a lot more went into replacing it. All new lumber was located; some of it was purchased and some was donated. We praise God for His providence.

We are very pleased to have the new deck on the health center. I have enjoyed stepping outside and even walking up the steps rather than going around to the back door.

We still have a little more to do; the wood needs to be preserved. I praise God again since I have found about 10 gallons of wood preservative in the shop that seems to still be in good condition. We will have to wait for the rainy season to end before we can do this.



The Inside


There is nothing like a new coat of paint to make a room feel clean and new. That was another goal of the mission trip. Every time that I go into the building, I am very thankful for the new look. With a new look, I have renewed energy and hope.

Bare fluorescent bulbs and fixtures work for a shop or warehouse, but not for a health center. This was a surprise to me, but I am very grateful. I like the brightness of the new LED lights, and I have found myselfplayingwiththem. However,forthosewho prefer more subdued lighting, they can have that too.


CarpetThe Floors

The carpeting of the halls and guest rooms has been around for quite a while. I had not seen anything close to this type or color of carpeting since the mid 1970’s. We were not able to get to this during the mission trip, but it is being taken care of.

Carpet RemovalRemoval
I was a little surprised when I started to pull back the carpet in one of the rooms to find another layer of carpet being used as a pad. Not only that, but it was multi colored. After taking a couple of pictures, that was soon removed too.


I found a place where water had leaked in. I was very worried about how extensive the damage had been. However, I didn’t remember seeing any leakage on the walls or ceiling, so where did it come from? At the same time, it was dry, and we are in the middle of our rainy season… There was no damage to the sheetrock, so we focused on just replacing that board.


The carpeting is now out of three rooms. We still need to make sure that the subfloor is flat and clean before we go further.

The foam underlayment is completed in one room already. The manufacturer recommends 3 mm, so we put down a double layer. This should also help to dampen the sound in the room below.


FlooringWall spacers have been made, and the floor molding has been routed (it still needs paint), but it is ready to start putting the flooring down.


Thank You!
I am very thankful all of the time, effort and donations that have made this whole project possible. I believe that Mount Akagi was started to spread God’s health message and open doors to the gospel. Japan has a well- developed society and the people have high standards, and now we can freely invite them to the health center. I want to thank those who have given their time, labor, money and prayers. And all of the glory goes to God who touches the hearts and gives the inspirations.