May 29, 2013

Mission Trip Over, but Hopefully Only the Beginning

Mount Akagi deck repair

Eleven Missionaries dedicated two weeks of their lives to the repair of a 30-year-old lifestyle center in the center of Japan on a mountain called Akagi. Couples in their mid 60s to mid 70s and youths from 20 to 22 from Canada, Japan, and the United States completely painted the inside of the building, replaced the deck, put in new LED lighting, and laid laminate flooring in the guest rooms. Soon, the carpeting in the common areas will be replaced and the outside of the three-story building will be painted by a contractor. We are quite thankful for the things that God has accomplished in this two-week endeavor.

This mission trip may be over, but there is still much to be done. God willing, the entire lifestyle center will be repaired and prove a great blessing in bringing many to Christ and to a fuller understanding of the plan of salvation. If God blesses us in making good use of the building and in having more guests come for a lifestyle session, then we will be able to start planning for another mission trip to finish the basement where many of the treatments are conducted. (Due to Mt. Akagi Institute being on the side of a mountain, the basement is not really underground, but the backside is built into the slope of the ground.)

We would like to thank everyone who helped with this project and everyone who continues to support it. May God bless you greatly.

Below, you can view a slideshow of some of work that was done.

Mount Akagi painting the lifestyle center - Inside remodeling