July 8, 2013

What is Happening?

Girls Walking

After the mission group departed, we put our focus on another project. The drain field for the bakery septic system was still not connected and completely open. That was okay while the bakery was shut down and the tank empty, but it didn’t take very long for the tank to fill with water. Also, it would be more convenient to be able to use the toilet there rather than to continue to ask them to run to another building to use the toilet. Anyway, the drain field pipe has been assembled and covered, and now I am able to put my attention toward completing the project that was begun.

We met with a painter who did a couple of test patches and talked with us about staining the outside of the building. He understands our situation and is willing to work with us. He hand delivered the estimated cost of labor and rental for scaffolding, but said that we would still have to buy the stain or paint that we want applied. He even said that he would return some of the money as payment for labor if we are able to help. The estimate was almost $8,000. He also recommended that we wait until after the rainy season before we attempt this part of the project.

We know that carpeting will also be a large expense, so we plan to get the inside done before we begin the outside work.

We met with a young man about carpeting, and he is working on an estimate for us. He also knows of our situation and will give us the lowest possible estimate. He also informed us that his family business also makes custom curtains and windows. This is a blessing for us since some of our windows are now standard sizes in Japan. We plan to go to visit his showroom to receive his estimate for the carpet and talk about pricing for curtains too. The most surprising bit of information is that his mother visited Mount Akagi almost 30 years ago. God has an interesting way of bringing people together.

I have to admit that progress is slower than I would desire, but part of my attention is also focused on the bakery. The good news is that we are not standing still.